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Commercial Liability Insurance A.K.A. Business Liability Insurance

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Business Insurance Toronto (Business Liability Insurance) also referred as Commercial General Liability Insurance, and Commercial Insurance Toronto is an insurance policy that is required by business owners to protect themselves from future liability as a result of their day to day operations. We, Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd, bind business insurance policies across Toronto, Canada.

Our Business Insurance policies are tailored specifically your businesses needs. The policy is crafted in a matter that completely secures your business and its operations from liability exposures. Toronto being a commercial hub of Canada is home to thousands of types of businesses such as restaurants, department stores, convenience stores, night clubs, and local business stores in malls & plaza’s. As an owner, you must acknowledge that your business is exposed to potential liability claims everyday. If your client suffers a physical or financial loss, they may file a law suit against you or your business in the case of the claim arising out of your business operations.

Every business requires liability insurance. If you as an owner feel that you may potentially be liable one day to pay thousands of dollars as a result of a law suit, then having an insurance for your business is the right decision. On the other hand, you may also feel that if by any hazard or interruption you may not be able to operate, then getting a Business Interruption Insurance clause on your policy is must, Get your free Business Insurance Toronto Quote today!

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As a business owner, you must keep in mind that a claim can arise from the future as well as your past activities. Lets try to picture a client filing a law suit against you. One of your regular customers comes in to your store to purchase your goods and services. As a result of the transaction, they have suffered a physical or financial loss. Your client now feels that your business is responsible for their loss and after consulting with their lawyer, decides to file lawsuit against your business. This is where your business insurance policy would provide a financial shield to your business by providing coverage for the client law suit amount, subject to your policy limits and conditions. Having business insurance could be the fine line between the success and disaster of your business.

Being located in Toronto, we welcome all existing and new business owners. We have been providing insurance for businesses in Toronto, Canada for over 30 years and are growing! Our brokers work hard and negotiate the best premiums from insurance companies on your behalf within exceptional time!

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